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View tips that you and others have submitted here. You can sort the tips according to course or subject. Use the drop-down boxes to control the types of tips displayed.


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  • General Golf Tips - Shows tips not associated with any specific course.

  • Golf Course - Shows tips for that specific golf course.


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  • Bunker - Tips about playing from a bunker. A "bunker" is a hazard consisting of a prepared area of ground, often a hollow, from which turf or soil has been removed and replaced with sand or the like. Grass-covered ground bordering or within a bunker is not part of the bunker. The margin of a bunker extends vertically downwards, but not upwards. A ball is in a bunker when it lies in or any part of it touches the bunker.

  • Fairway - Tips about the area between the tee and the green Refers to the putting surface, that area of finely-trimmed grass surrounding the hole. on a golf course.

  • Full Swing - Tips concerning any portion of the swing. The textbook golf swing is composed of these phases: (1) Addressing the ball, (2) The take-away, (3) The backswing, (4) The downswing, (5) Follow-through, and (6) The pose.

  • General - General knowledge tips that don't necessarily pertain to one of the below categories.

  • Hole Number - Tips about particular holes.

  • Pre-Shot - Tips about when a golfer is just about ready to strike the ball, also known as the "address" The address refers to the final position taken by a golfer just before the swing.

  • Putting Once your ball has reached the green, a good golfer will switch to a more precise method of propelling the ball towards the hole. The "putt shot" is simply called a "putt". The ball is struck so that it rolls towards the hole without any loft whatsoever. To aid this, a golfer will use a specially-designed club, called a "putter", which has a very steep face and (usually) a short shaft. In contrast to all other golf shots, the putt does not involve much body motion. Indeed, the object is to keep the hips and legs as still as possible. There is very little backswing in the putting motion. - Tips about moving the ball forward once it is on the green.

  • Rough - Tips about the area of the course that has long grass alongside the fairways. This area is considered a hazard.

  • Sand - Tips about the sand-filled valleys on the green. These areas are considered "hazards."

  • Short Game When someone says that Judy has got a great "short game", it means that Judy is particularly accurate within 100 yards of the green. She can pitch well, chip well, lob well, and (most importantly) putt well. - Tips referring to strategies to move the ball forward when it is within 100 yards of the green.

  • Tee Box - Tips about the flat area on the course usually marked with stakes where the initial drive or longest shot is made.