Verify Reservation


Complete your tee time reservation on this page. As you review the reservation, please note the golf course's cancellation fees and policies. If you cancel the reservation or fail to show up, you will be subject to these policies.


  1. Choose the number of players who will use motorized carts. The Cart Total will change depending on the number of players using carts and the price the course has set for cart usage.


  1. If the course offers the option of playing only 9 holes, you will be able to change the default selection of 18 holes. Price changes will appear next to the golfer and in the Golfer Total.

*If you or any of the members of your party are eligible for discounts through their GolfGopher or individual golf course memberships, those discounts will appear on this page (provided you gave the Gopher the correct membership ID).


  1. If you have made a reservation before, you can select either to use the Card on File or a New Credit Card to hold your reservation. If you choose to use a new card, make sure to enter the proper:

  • Card Type (Visa, Mastercard)

  • Card Owner

  • Card Number

  • Expiration Date

  • Billing Zip Code

*Remember, you can select a different form of payment once you arrive at the course for your reservation. This card will only be charged when late cancellation or no show penalties apply.


  1. When you are done reviewing the reservation and inputting your credit card information, click Reserve Tee Time.